Sell for free at auction.

You can sell your property with absolutely no estate agency or auction fees.

We can offer you the opportunity to enter your property into an auction with no upfront entry fee, receive full auction advertising and have no percentage fee to pay once your property sells.

This route is the UR or CR – Unconditional Reservation Fee or Conditional
The reservation fee is collected from the buyer meaning we can offer the full auction service at no costs to you.

Unconditional Reservation Fee

This is the most secure and quickest method of sale. Before the auction a legal pack needs to be created; it contains the necessary paperwork in order to exchange contracts immediately and gives the buyer chance to carry out their due diligence before bidding. We have a dedicated team of solicitors who can produce a legal pack for you or you can instruct your own legal representative.

  • Contracts exchange on the fall of the hammer.
  • A non-refundable deposit and reservation are collected from the buyer.
  • Your purchaser is legally bound to buy your property.
  • The sale must complete within 28 days.

Conditional Reservation Fee

  • There is no need for a legal pack.
  • On the fall of the hammer a non-refundable reservation fee is collected from the buyer to secure the sale.
  • There are 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete the sale.

Reserve Price

Auction provides the best environment to maximise price with multiple bidders all bidding simultaneously and transparently. The vendor also applies a reserve price, therefore the property will not sell for less than they need.

Sell at auction.

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