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HMO Accommodations

Landlords wanting long term company let or HMO tenants can contact West Midlands Lettings Ltd to arrange a valuation for rental income of their West Midlands Property. Company letting agreements can be arranged for 1 or more years. HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) applies to shared housing where a group of people living together but not related share a property.

You have a HMO if there are 3 or more tenants sharing who are not related to each other, students sharing and have exclusive use of the whole property, a owner occupier with more than 2 lodgers who have a license to occupy their accommodation, a house split into bedsits where the tenants have exclusive use of their own room but share the bathroom, kitchen and toilets.

West Midlands Lettings Ltd can find tenants for your West Midlands HMO property. Room let to individuals or company let service available. Company let agreement typically have a term of anywhere between 3 – 5 years. A company is the tenant not the occupants. One advantage of this is if an occupant vacates you will still receive full rent for the property.

Properties required for single occupants, families or sharing individuals. As such, a range of properties from 1 bedroom flats and houses to large properties are in demand.

Please see new HMO regulation as of 1st October 2018, Extended mandatory HMO licensing requirements.

Individuals sharing HMO Accommodation requirements

Besides furniture, there is a list of requirements for the property in order for it to be used as HMO:

1. Thumb turn locks on front exit/entrance door.
2. Thumb turn locks on rear exit/entrance door.
3. Fire door to the kitchen with door closure, fire strips and hung on 3 hinges
4. Heat detector in the kitchen inter linked
5. Carbon monoxide alarm in boiler room and any room with gas fire
6. Fire blanket & extinguisher in the kitchen
7. Smoke alarm in all bedrooms, hallway and landings are all to be inter linked
8. Documentation to include gas and electric safety certificate, EPC report and building insurance certificate
9. Notice board in communal area displaying copies of above documentation and other local services.
10. Safety film on low level windows not having BS Standard kite mark on glazing (i.e. toughened glass)
11. Fire doors to all bedrooms (which must have euro-locks, intumescent strips and door closure and to be mounted on 3 hinges)
12. Emergency lights in landing and hallway
13. HMO Registration document is required for 5 or more bedrooms.

If you have a property that you are interested in using for long term let single, family or HMO occupation, please contact West Midlands Lettings Ltd 0121 525 5930 or contact us.


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