Section 21 Vacant Possession

Repossessions hit record high: Section 21 Vacant Possession

Section 21 landlord possessions hit record heights
According to new statistics from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) the total number of evictions reached a record high of 42,728. Whilst the overall possession claims fell during the year to 148,043, the numbers of accelerated possession cases have

Section 21 Accelerated Possessions hit an all time high
landlord action The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has released its landlord possession statistics for October to December 2015, which reveals total evictions last year reached a record high of 42,728. Whilst overall possession claims fell during the year

New Section 21 Notice Rules and New Notice Form

Reminder on Section 21
The Residential Landlords Association is reminding members who have tenancies that started on or after 1st October 2015 that they will have to use the new Section 21 form if they need to evict tenants. Landlords need to be using the form marked 6A.

Retaliatory evictions and changes to Section 21 Notices
These ‘rules’ must be carefully considered, as they impose some significant restrictions on a landlord’s ability to give a tenant a notice pursuant to Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 (“Section 21 Notice”). The Act covers a number of matters, but

Deposits and Section 21s
Does one have to re-register deposits on a renewal or even a periodic tenancy please? deregulation. I read somewhere that there is a new form for Section 21 usable for both Fixed term and periodic but I can find no other information. Is there a new

New Section 21 Notices for Terminating Assured Shorthold Tenancies – 1 October …
The Deregulation Act 2015 contained new provisions relating to the service of Section 21 Notices (the 2 month “no fault” procedure) to end assured shorthold tenancies. These are set to come into force on the 1 October 2015. In order to further

The New Section 21 notice (Statutory Instruments 2015 No.1646)
There has been some feeling during 2015 that there have been moves afoot to reduce the influence of a section 21 notice, despite it working perfectly well since introduction in February 1989. The newest legislation seems to be re-enforcing this, with

New owner/landlord serving notice

AST in previous landlords name – can we issue Section 8/21?
A new tenancy wasn’t required, but a Section 48 should have been issued. A Section 48 tells the tenant who his landlord is, where to contact him / her and to whom future rent payments should be made. There is no prescribed format for a Section 48 so as …

Enforcing a section 21 Notice

How do I apply to enforce a Section 21 in a court application
I issued him a Section 21 notice requiring possession, but he is refusing to leave under instructions from the council and he is on benefits. An agent told me to apply to the court through PCOL for the eviction notice but the form says that it can only


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