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West Midlands Lettings operates a successful property management service for it’s West Midlands landlords. Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower used to manage the property. This involves accountability, maintenance and utilisation of the property.

We have landlords who have not re-entered their property since agreeing to have us manage whether it’s preparing the property for letting, during tenancy, after the property becomes vacant and is re let. Some landlords are too busy elsewhere and maybe even living abroad. Imagine knowing your property and tenants are being looked after where ever you are. That’s stress free letting and management.

Landlords appreciate rents paid on time. Our landlords know when their rents will be transferred into their bank account every month. That’s peace of mind especially if you have standing orders set up to leave your account. Monthly statements are provided via post or email if preferred.

Who is living in your property? Our landlords are aware of who will be residing in their property from the moment a tenant expresses interest in referencing for the property. We only provide tenants we know the landlord will find suitable. We pre assess tenants before completing referencing. The last thing we want to do is inform you someone has commenced referencing only to find out referencing failed for something we could have picked up on from the start. We know your time is money.

Landlords tend to praise us for our ability to keep them informed. Sometimes the compliments surprise us as we didn’t realise that the landlords took notice of our service. So, you are at work and we know you want to be updated before we make any arrangements, we will text you. We tailor our service to each individual’s need and accessibility.

Who maintains your property? Our properties are maintained by personnel qualified in their field and all work comes with a guarantee. We assign the same workmen to the property unless unavailable at the point of contact. This way the workmen are familiar with the property, a record is kept of who carried out works and therefore we know who is accountable for what. You are kept informed so if there are any maintenance deductions from rent, you know how much to expect in your account. You receive statements which clearly shows what has taken place at the property.

Our property management fees are very competitive and we reward landlords who choose our property portfolio management service. Our service is definitely value for money.

Try Property Management Services from West Midlands Lettings. Call us at 0121 525 5930 or email to request additional information about our property management service or request a call back. More about property management.

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