Where is your tenancy deposit held?

Where is your tenancy deposit held? If you have misplaced your tenancy deposit documents, it’s not that difficult to find out where your landlord or managing agent has lodged your deposit.

Where is your deposit held?

The following are links to pages of the 3 deposit schemes where tenants can check if there is a deposit registered for their property by filling in quick details relating to the tenancy:
Deposit Protection Service
My Deposits
The Dispute Service

What about deposit repayment?

Once you know where your deposit is lodged, visit the website of that deposit protection sevice as these sites are very good at giving information on how to start a repayment at the end of your tenancy and giving advice on what to do if there is a dispute.

At West Midlands Lettings Ltd, tenants are provided with clear tenancy agreements that inform tenants of where their deposits are lodged, the deposit repayment process and under what circumstances part of all of the deposit can be witheld.

Where is your tenancy deposit held? Now you know how to find out.

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